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NBE475, a roter Zwerg star with 8 planets

The fourth planet in this system may feature life forms - its average temperature is 275K (2C) and its atmosphere contains 25% of oxygen. One year on this planet lasts 476 days, one day lasts 11 hours. Its diameter is 17024 km, 1.3 times the diameter of the Earth.

Gavino29 - october 12 at 23:32
I've updated planet Gamboodor in system Darwin Arae
Gavino29 - october 12 at 22:00
I've updated planet Mandoudron in system Darwin Arae
Gavino29 - october 12 at 21:36
I've updated planet Isuriara in system Darwin Arae
Gavino29 - october 12 at 21:24
I've updated planet Ryoobah in system Darwin Arae
Gavino29 - october 12 at 21:22
I've updated planet Tundaloth in system Darwin Arae
King1178 - october 4 at 16:51
I've updated planet Millonius in system Zesmor
King1178 - october 4 at 16:45
I've updated planet Decaduris in system Zesmor
King1178 - october 4 at 16:35
I've updated planet TGA376.3 in system Zesmor
King1178 - october 4 at 16:27
I've updated planet Menzil in system Zesmor
King1178 - october 4 at 16:22
I've updated planet Deravon in system Zesmor
Dexxoy - september 20 at 2:44
I've updated planet Alita in system Solona
Dexxoy - september 20 at 2:42
I've updated planet Caelus in system Solona
Shieldedtulip - september 19 at 22:37
I've updated planet Zoltar in system Watano
Twayneking - september 13 at 12:01
I've updated planet Aeden - QEG5173 in system Maechol
Dexxoy - september 9 at 19:23
I've updated solar system Solona
Awkos272 - august 19 at 14:58
I've updated planet Karkarrum in system Eternity
Nnygamer - august 17 at 5:00
I've updated planet Haunkotaunk in system Duter Onus
Revco - july 17 at 6:41
I've updated solar system PoomaGaBooma004
Revco - july 17 at 6:34
I've updated planet Motira4 in system Motira
Revco - july 17 at 6:32
I've updated planet Motira3 in system Motira

Our wiki based science fiction galaxy consists of more than a million stars and solar systems - including double star systems, black holes, pulsars and neutron stars. Many solar systems feature Earth-like planets that may feature life forms. You may explore the galaxy using the galaxy map to discover mysterious and fantastic places.

As a user you can name and edit community owned stars, planets and moons, change the physical properties of solar systems, write science fiction and fantasy stories and help to create an completely new online world. You may also get your very own solar system, offer a star to someone as a gift or dedicate a star to someone.

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